Makeup that makes blue eyes stand out

Blue eyes are beautiful, but making sure they stand out can be a little tough.

How To Choose the Right Makeup for Blue Eyes

Just Grab your favorite liner (liquid will get you the sharpest flick) and go to town, making a full circle around your eyes.Have some fun going out by applying color eyeliners for blue eyes that will make your eyes stand out.Create 16 different makeup looks that will make your blue eyes stand out.

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Flattering especially to green eyes, pink mascara is a cool and unique way to make the most natural makeup stand out.If you have blue eyes, shades of brown, camel, and taupe will make the blue appear even more blue.

How To Make Blue Eyes Look Bluer - Step by Step

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Jewel tones like purple, bright blue, emerald green or a deep burgundy stand out against your complexion, while gold and bronze tones instantly warm your skin tone and brighten up your eyes.You can always make your lips stand out with a bold shade in whatever finish suits your look, whether it be glossy or matte.Whether your eyes are a beautiful brown, gorgeous green or a piercing blue, when it comes to learning how to put on eyeliner there are certain colors that do an amazing job at enhancing them and making them stand out even more.

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Since brown eyes are, well, brown, they would stand out best in semi-dark to dark colors like black, dark gray, or brown.A black smoky eye can really make the eyes stand out, especially if you have pale grey eyes.

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Eye shades: Using make-up tactfully is the best way to make your eyes pop.

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For the most vivid blue, go for gold or copper hair color, like Amanda Seyfried and Deborah Ann-Woll.Either of these darker tones work well on women with fairer skin who want.

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However, blue is the color that really complements brown eyes and even just a pop of the color will make brown eyes stand out.

Applying an icy blue to your entire lid will intensify the natural blue tones in your eyes and make them stand out more than ever.If you choose a green liner, choose a darker green like dark golden green or forest green.

The natural warmth created by the numerous tones in your hair makes it suitable for enhancing your undertones.Just like the color orange makes blue stand out, a blush with tangerine undertones will look good if you have blue eyes.

Browns makes blue stand out because they are complimentary colors, meaning that on a col. or wheel they are direct opposites.Go for darker tones of brown, black, charcoal or midnight blue.This crazy bold look will make you stand out in a crowd of smokey eyes.

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Smoky eyes is another trend that complements blue eyes flawlessly.

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